The Marvin Group is dedicated not only to providing a quality product but also quality service. Please contact any one of our dedicated professionals with any questions regarding an upcoming project and inquire as to how our products and expertise can help save your company time and money through the use of our custom engineered welded wire reinforcement system. Our key personnel can be reached by telephone, text or email as listed below and we would all like to thank-you in advance for your consideration of our company for your next project.

Mark D. Marvin, P.E. - President

Telephone: 859-630-8426 (Cell)

Telefax: 928-447-7488


Laine Coppola - Chief Engineer

Telephone: 520-975-1512 (Cell)

Telefax: 520-515-0083


Bill Gallenz - Vice President Sales/Marketing

Telephone: 610-216-6366 (Cell)

Telefax: 425-871-4174